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Manipulator Mounted Saw

Manipulator Mounted Saw

Using a 14” tungsten carbide saw blade the Manipulator Mounted Saw cuts through a multitude of materials with absolute ease and dexterity.

Specially designed to mount on any manipulator wrist, using adaptor plates, the material to cut is simply grabbed with the manipulators jaws, held in place and cut in seconds.

Designed to fit to, rather than being held by the manipulator retains full function of the manipulators movements for further Subsea tasks without limitation.

Once a material is located in position the blade is switched on and fed towards the material, on completion of a cut the blade retreats within the saws body protecting it and the manipulator from entanglement or obstruction and allows the next target to be located in moments.


Suitable for cutting Anchor Chain

Suitable for cutting Wire Rope

Suitable for cutting Drill String

Suitable for cutting Steel Pipes & Coflexip
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