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Rotary Cutter 10

Rotary Cutter 10

Securely clamp on to structures for cutting material up to 10 inches in diameter.

The Forum 10” Rotary Cutter has been designed to clamp on to structures and cut material up to 10 inches in diameter, using the standard high quality Tungsten Carbide tipped blades to cut ferrous and non-ferrous metals easily including high tensile steels.

The cutter consists of an aluminum assembly, a clamp arrangement which is actuated by two rams to enable secure clamping on to structures more than 3” diameter and up to 10” diameter.

The main motor is mounted on a vertical slide to extend and retract the position of the blade. A counterbalance valve is set to stop
the weight of the saw motor and blade from dropping when hydraulic pressure is removed.

A variety of blade sizes and blade types can be quickly and easily mounted onto the blade hub making this cutter not only light and simple to deploy but highly versatile in its cutting operations.


10” Rotary cutter

High performance tungsten carbide blade

Suitable for many different cutting operations
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