Forum Class 6-7 Torque Tool

This torque tool has been specifically developed to address the increasing requirement for a 17kNm Tool. The interface is based on the ISO 13628-8 Fig 18 Class 7, with the exception of the length of the nose of the tool, this is based on the industry standard.


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The tool can be supplied with a Class 6 Socket option.

The tool can be supplied with a hot stab receptacle, electronic turns counter and integrated compensator unit, to allow the tool to be deployed to the sub-sea work site in a basket, separate from the ROV and then connections made with a hot stab.

A socket inset is used to allow Class 6 size socket or Class 7 size socket valves to be operated.



  • ISO 13628-8 Fig 18 (API 17D) Class 6/7
  • Max Torque 17,000Nm (12,600ft lbs)
  • Dual Sensor Electronic Turns Counter
  • Supplied in offshore suitable transit case