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Polatrak® EFG probe

Polatrak® EFG probe

Polatrak’s EFG Probe is a diver-operated or ROV-mountable cathodic protection probe.

The EFG is an electric field gradient (EFG) measurement device that uses two replaceable silver/silver chloride reference electrodes separated by a known distance (13 inches) to provide a contactless method of determining anode activity and of measuring electric fields in seawater.

When passing near a structure such as a pipeline, the current density reading can confirm that an anode is properly activated. Intended for use with the Deep C Meter 3000AD ROV survey system (shown), it’s the ideal complement to the industry-leading ROV-II contact probe.

The unit allows the operator to probe a submersed remaining anode life.

Features twin reference electrodes.

Becomes part of a self-contained ROV survey unit when used with Polatrak’s Deep C Meter and Deep C Meter 3000 AD, which have ultra-bright subsea digital readouts.


2 x Ag/AgCl Sealed Electrode Elements

3,000 m Depth

Proximity Reading Type

Deep C Meter Readout

ROV Deployment
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