Specialist ROV Tooling Services Ltd 0-520Bar Jetting System is widely recognized and used throughout world due to its reliability and impressive pumping capabilities; no other system offers the same power and reliability.


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The Integral relief valve is adjustable to provide any pressure range desired from 0.5 – 520 Bar.

The pump is suitable for connection to any subsea reservoir via the 3⁄4 suction port.

The system is designed to be capable of pumping water, sea water, hydraulic oil or glycol.

This highly versatile system can be used as either an IHPU or Jetting system making it an invaluable and effective tool for any ROV system.



  • World renowned Jetting system
  • Huge range of nozzles and accessories available for different tasks
  • Supplied with T bar nozzle assembly
  • Mounted on ROV friendly plate
  • Only 27kg in air