Torque Tool Control System

The Torque Tool Control System allows the user, from the surface, to adjust the torque and speed.


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This system is particularly suitable for deepwater operations where torque required for a particular operation may be uncertain, or has multiple values for different operations on the same dive. The actual torque and speed is user controlled and measured at all times and recorded as a signature of the subsea operation for future reference.

The controller can be used with any torque tool supplied by FORUM (and most non-FORUM tools). The system can also be used as a pressure/flow controller for tools not equipped with feedback sensors.



  • Torque Tool Control Unit
  • 1 off Bi-Directional Pressure & Flow Control outpuT
  • 3 off Bi-Directional output
  • Strain gauge and turns count input
  • Rated to 4,000m
  • Supplied in offshore suitable transit case