ROV Suction Foot (Sticky-foot)

The suction foot can hold an ROV to smooth surfaces such as ship hulls, submarines, platform tubulars and pipelines. The high level of grip makes it suitable for a wide range of inspection and cleaning ROV tasks.


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The attachment arm is a three function manipulator consisting of shoulder pitch, jaw and extend. The arm may be used in addition to standard ROV manipulators or as a low-weight substitute manipulator.

The foot has a flexible polyurethane moulded cup, tolerant of marine growth and crustaceans, and able to attach to curved surfaces down to 400 mm (16”) diameter. The cup is abrasion and tear resistant. The cup is mounted on a ball swivel joint to ease self-alignment on the target surface. The swivel can be hydraulically locked once suction is achieved, for greater rigidity.



  • High Level of Grip
  • 300mm diameter suction cup
  • Suction cup mounted on lockabel swivel