ROV tools used for subsea pressure testing applications, jetting, dredging and more. Tools include Pressure Test Unit, 3 stage manifold and Waterblaster.

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The 10000psi IHPU can be used for numerous Subsea applications including pressure testing, BOP operation, fluid transfer and hot stab operations.


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3 Stage Manifold

This provides three preset control pressures with flow and direction control. This is ideal for torque tool control where the three pressures may represent breakout, run- ning and maximum torque settings.


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6″ Piranha Dredger

The STS Piranha range is Subsea Tooling Services latest design of high performance dredging equipment. A light weight slim lined dredger designed to fit directly to the side of any work class ROV.

The dredger system comes with 360 degree swivel heads which dramatically reduces wear on the ROV manipulator by eliminating all the rotation torque from the suction hose, making dredging much easier and more efficient.


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Back Seal Test Unit

The BSTU provides a controllable pressure between 7 and 210 bar to be applied via the pressure out connection. The pressure developed is monitored by a transducer which may be connected to the subsea control unit if required, and also an ana- logue subsea gauge. The applied pressure may be switched off/locked in by means of the ram operated ball valve.


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High Flow Manifold

The high flow manifold is an auxiliary manifold that connects to the standard Torque Tool Control System.


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Multi-Fluid Intensifier

Specialist ROV Tooling Services Ltd Multi-fluid Intensifier provides a multipurpose high pressure intensifier circuit suitable for directly mounting onto a subsea skid or direct to an ROV.


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Torque Tool Control System

The Torque Tool Control System allows the user, from the surface, to adjust the torque and speed.


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Specialist ROV Tooling Services Ltd 0-520Bar Jetting System is widely recognized and used throughout world due to its reliability and impressive pumping capabilities; no other system offers the same power and reliability.


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