GR29 Hydraulic Grinder

Due to its high power and variable speed range this versatile tool can be used for grinding, cutting, polishing and the of removal marine growth.


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The Stanley GR29 is a portable tool, designed for use by a diver or ROV. It is primarily used for top, face, and side grinding and cutting operations, but can also be fitted with rotary wire brushes and a variety of abrasive and polishing discs.



  • 3M Hoses with 316 StSt JIC 6 Swivel fittings
  • Handle painted orange to comply with ISO 13628-1
  • Supplied in offshore suitable transit case



Capacity 7″ or 9″ Disc
Speed 2700 rpm
Arbor 5/8″ UNC
Flow 15 – 38 l/min
Optimum Flow 34 l/min
Pressure 70 – 175 bar
Weight 6.8 kg
Length 230 mm
Width 230 mm
Porting 8 SAE